In your resume, your responsibilities and accomplishments should be phrased using action-benefit statements. The premise is: for every action you’ve made, there should be a resulting benefit for someone (preferably the organization for which you’ve worked.

These can elevate the impact of your work experience and highlights productivity. Keep in mind that in recruitment, organizations are basically answering the “what’s in it for us” question when screening candidates. Results matter!

Your statements should following this formula:

Action (Task/Responsibility) -> Resulting Benefit for Organization/Client/Stakeholder

In combination with power words, action-benefit statements can even turn the more menial of tasks into critical responsibilities. For example, your summer internship at a law firm was basically a gofer job where you simply filed and photocopied papers.

Instead of writing it this way:

Filed and photocopied papers

Writing it this way can create a more positive depiction of your work:

Systematized archive files resulting in easier access of files

It’s even better if you can quantify the result:

Systematized archives resulting in quicker release of requested documents from 2 hours to 5 minutes

Quantifying (or qualifying if it’s hard to place a number on the results) makes the results more tangible and apparent. Here are a few more examples of action-benefit statements:

  • Published a trailblazing study that introduced new research methodologies to the program
  • Increased product sales by Php 3M
  • Launched fund raising campaign that tripled organization funds
  • Mentored out-of-school youth resulting in readmission of 5 teens into high school

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